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My mission is to improve your martial arts performance through strength & conditioning protocols. Whilst simultaneously reducing pain and injuries. Which means you can train to your fullest for decades without hinderance.

I do this by creating balance in the body. By using resistance training to address weaknesses that naturally arise from doing the same movements for years.

Not only this, but your renewed strength will also build resilience against the natural stresses that strenuous martial arts training brings. Which means your muscles take up the slack, not the joints. A key advantage for having longevity over your fellow martial artists.

It’s unacceptable to be so broken and in pain from training. Or to simply be unable to identify how to remedy the problem through more than just pain killers and wraps. Too often the body just needs more strength in the right places. Too often joints are put under stress they cannot recover from over time. Too often we are beholden to injury and pain where it needn’t be.

My promise to you, is I’ll do everything in my power with my experience and knowledge in tow, to give you the best opportunity to reach a new level. With a renewed resolve and a deeper understanding of how to look after yourself with wraps and pain killers becoming the last resort and not the Go-to.

If you want to contact me to present your niggle or road block and test
my knowledge. Please do so! Let’s see if what I know provides real solutions.