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Online Training For Martial Artists

“James is an amazing personal trainer who goes above and beyond to help his clients with what they need as individuals. He shared so much with me regarding training techniques, correct form, nutrition and preparing me mentally to get ready for my competition.”

-Jenine Hutchinson: IV Degree & National Team Captain.

The problem is not finding your way to the gym and giving a solid workout.

The problem is, what’s the best thing for me?
What are the best exercises for my art?
What’s the right technique?
What’s the best order?
Should I use machines or not?
Are these exercises going to reduce injury rates?
You never really know what to do to optimise for speed & power.

Online Training is having a Strength & Conditioning Coach in your pocket.

It provides you the guidance.
It shows you the order.
It is the recipe that works.
It’s Personal Training at a fraction of the price.

Whether it’s for competition. Overall strength. Grading Assessment preparations. Addressing pain via improved technique or Busting through plateaus.

This programme is designed so that more colour belts can achieve black belt and beyond, so that more practitioners can achieve medals, so that injury rates are reduced and progress rates can excel.

That’s what this is about.

Ok, sounds good. So, how does it all work?
12 Week Programme – £450. (Bi-Weekly Payment Option)
For this you get –

A Detailed Assessment Of Your Needs.
  • Cover every aspect of your starting point, obstacles and goals.
  • Understand your health history and physical capabilities.
  • Understand your daily lifestyle in order to create a plan that just makes sense.
  • Initial email consultation to get to know you better.
Custom Training Programme.
  • Optimised training programme designed with you in mind. Order of exercises, sets & reps, tempo & rest.
  • Multiple training phases to facilitate smooth and progressive development.
  • The frequency and intensity set to match your goals, priorities & fitness levels.
Personalised Nutritional Counselling.
  • I’ll show you how to make informed decisions with your food choices.
  • Meal planning based on foods you enjoy.
  • Meal frequency that fits your lifestyle. Between 2-6 Meals a day.
Motivation & Accountability.
  • Weekly email check ins to ensure everything is on point.
  • Become part of the secret Facebook group for insider information and weekly challenges.
  • Access to Trainerize App for tracking training and nutrition efforts.
  • Send myself exercise videos for technical analysis to ensure you’re kicking ass.
100% access to me.
  • Access to my personal email account.
  • Access to the Tranerize App to communicate your progress.
  • Facing a curve ball? Tweak a muscle? I’ll take care of you.
  • You should never feel alone or helpless in this process.

“Very effective and individually tailored training plans that really develop the specifics for martial arts, as well as aid weight loss. In just a short number of weeks I can feel positive differences in speed and power, and I’ve also lost about 3kg.”

– Alex Aquino I Degree


“Why OT? In short I needed to transition from physio based programme to strength based training. Last year I sustained a serious injury breaking multiple bones in my leg. My focus over the last 18 months has been on physio and rehabilitation. During this process – I’d developed my own rehab plan and independently worked away assisted by my private physios.I started hitting plateaus though and sensed I wasn’t capitalising on my progress. I’d gone from zero strength and non-weight bearing through various stages of weight bearing to swimming, walking, cycling, running and a gradual phased return to tkd. All the help that was available through the NHS physio system was exhausted and I now required a strength based programme to move forward again.

I’d been a silent member of the S&C for martial arts Facebook group for several months and could see from the articles and discussions that James expert knowledge along with his innovative and progressive approach was exactly what I needed. The OT delivers a custom programme that matches my ambitions and targets – backed up with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how strength training correlates with the biomechanics of martial arts.

Here today, I stand having achieved my VI Degree after 6 months of focused preparation.”

– Andy Adam VI Degree

“It’s amazing! It’s a bespoke programme designed by someone who actually does the same sport. He understands what’s required, has good knowledge of how the body works and how to improve it.I’m so happy to be on this programme and would consider a follow up or more advanced programme after this!”

– Michelle Harris III Degree


Log into Trainerize to see your workout schedule designed by me.

Easily review your personal programme in detail.

We can track your progress with built in graphs.

Ok, let’s do this thing, I’m ready!

Fill in the application below, I will get back to you within 48 hours. We can carefully discuss if the programme is right for you.

Fill in the application below, I will get back to you within 48 hours.
We can carefully discuss if the programme is right for you.

Online TrainingApplication

    *How did you hear about Your Hero Fitness?

    *How long have you been following my work?

    Online Training

    our strength & conditioning
    facebook group
    4.99 / month

    (COMING SOON) Join our secret group where you'll have access to weekly training ideas, simple fixes, technique assessments and the latest information from the strength and conditioning world tailored to martial arts.

    12 Week
    Side Kick programme
    45.00 / month

    Our entry level product. Kick height control never improves? Learn how to gain strength in the right places so you can unlock your hips and really access a beautiful side kick you deserve.

    12 Week
    Online Training
    150.00 / month

    This is the bells and whistles. You'll have full access to me through a bespoke app which delivers your programme straight to your mobile. With regular check ins and detailed analysis, this product will take you to a whole new level.