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I have been working with James for around 8 months now, starting during the initial lockdown in March. I had been training in ITF Taekwondo for around 18 months, I was really enjoying the martial art but was in constant pain. It was at the point were I struggled to raise my legs to get out of the car some days. Giving up on Taekwon-Do was inevitable.

I went to see several physiotherapists, all saying that not alot was wrong, some more useful than others. But I was not really progressing from any of the treatment plans or exercises. I then came across James, his knowledge, experience and attention to detail was immediately obvious and I had every confidence that he could help me. I just needed a strength and conditioning program for the martial art I was practising.

This was tailored for my body and where I was at, it pushed me but did not completely overwhelm me. James was always enthusiastic and encouraging especially during backward steps, he has a way of keeping you motivated without guilt or judgement – he is on your side.

After lots of hard work and perseverance I am now in a position were I look forward to going the gym I am eating healthier and making real progress. The problems I initially got in touch with James about are largely a thing of the past, I am now optimistic that I can keep improving and will not be held back by physical limitations.

- Adam Baker

The programme does what is says on the tin!

I started in Jul 20 with the main aim of helping me return to training after surgery. Being a bit of a lump and the wrong side of 50 I’ve never found kicking that natural. So I chose to review my techniques and committed to the side kick programme.

I’ve found that because of how the plan is structured and James’ updates/explanations I have a better understanding of how and why my movements take place, what my physical limitations are and what needs to be true to make them better than before.

I’m now on my second of James’ 12 Week Side Kick Programme and it’s not only helped me to get back to the TKD training I love but also allowed me to improve my kicks thus helping me on the way to being awesome twice in a blue moon!

I found James to be affable, approachable, knowledgeable, and committed to getting the most out of the programme for you so if you are reading this testimonial, feeling there is room for development and are interested in how to go about it, what are you waiting for? Make contact because you and James can get it done!

- Darren Johnson III Degree

As a fellow Taekwon-Do instructor I have known James for a number of years and I never ceased to be amazed at his in depth knowledge of how the body works. What’s really great about James is he can tailor your training to your weakness rather than the bulk standard ‘this is a squat’

Everybody is different so everybody’s training needs are different and James’ attention to detail is second to none. I can highly recommend James as a great personal trainer.

- Jon Swaine VI Degree

James helped me find new ways of exercising after various injuries. I found him to be genuinely interested in finding solutions to problems and designing bespoke workouts. He is knowledgeable in his field and keeps on top of research in the fitness area. His cheerful enthusiasm provides motivation and encouragement. He set me achievable targets and was flexible and patient in his approach. I would not hesitate to recommend James to others whether revovering from injury or working on specific fitness goals.

- Helen Bennett V Degree

Hello and well done for getting to my testimonial, if you are this far in then you must be like I was myself. Looking for something to help you achieve a major goal! For me it was to be able to do my 360 mid air kick for my 4th degree grading.

I could train when I wanted and send videos to James who would comment where I needed to change or improve a body position to achieve desired result.

Weeks went by and I could feel the improvements my body changed shape and I got stronger and stronger. James managed to support my mental health and my nutritional needs, as well when life threw curve balls at me. I actually enjoyed going to the gym! place I would have never gone if it was not for my programme and the back up with James behind me.

I spent a year training with James strength and conditioning, and years training Tae Kwon-Do with my instructors, Masters and Grand Masters in order to achieve my 4th degree. Goal achieved!

I’m over the moon with what time coaching and determination can achieve at nearly 50 years old I honestly thought what I could do is all I could do. WRONG!!!! what you can do is contact James and commit and see what you can achieve with sweat, tears, tantrums, and a motivational coach behind you.

- Michelle Harris IV Degree

After having talked to James a number of times I was greatly impressed with his vast knowledge of subjects raging from plant-based nutrition through martial arts to functional strength training. I decided to search his advise on a workout plan that would facilitate my goal of building up all over body strength. AND BOY DID HE DELIVER.

There are people out there who go to the gym five times a week with little to show for it. I used to be just like that until I started working on the plan that James prepared for me. He took the time to understand what I’m after, to asses my capabilities and limitations and have a discussion around what could benefit me.

After a few days he came back with a plan that was not only challenging but also focused on combating my weaknesses and enhancing what I was already good at. He didn’t just hand me the plan to do with as I
please – along the way James provided me with plenty of support and suggested a number of alterations I could introduce to the plan to mix things up a bit in order to avoid repetition. He also throughly explained the point of each exercise to me – the why’s, the how’s, the dos and don’ts.

As a result, in just four weeks I managed to improve my clean and press weight by 30%, my butt power went through the roof, and I noticed plenty of positive changes in my body (ladies, don’t believe the myth that lifting weights will turn you into a Hulk!!).

I am now halfway through my second plan and I look forward to seeing what James comes up with for the next one (and the next one after that). The workouts are difficult but the satisfaction I feel after having completed them is immense!

I can’t recommend James enough – he radiates enthusiasm and passion for what he does, is very inquisitive and knowledgable and doesn’t stop learning. Additionally it is difficult not to have a smile on your face around him, since he also aims at making the workouts a lot of fun (on top of the pain)!

I look forward to carrying on working with James, reaching new levels of fitness and learning more about myself in the process!

- Aleksandra Pszyk

I contacted James as after 3 months of the gym I had hit a bit of a plateau – I wanted to challenge myself by starting lifting but was too scared of the unknown, judgement and injury to try alone.

And I’m so glad I contacted James because looking back there is no way I could have got to where I have by myself. Initially I had sought his help as a temporary measure just to get me on my feet but several months down the line I keep going back for more.

James ascertained what I wanted to achieve and why, suggested changes to my diet and, upon my probing, gave me an education on nutrition that has utterly changed the way I think about food and how I eat. Despite the fact that when I started out I hadn’t been keen to seek any advice on my diet at all!

Combining this with lifting, I found myself feeling alert, energised and with an immensely better mindset, all whilst being injury free which James helped with- any time something felt wrong he would see how I did the exercise, explain what might be happening and suggest changes. The aesthetic benefits of lifting just happened to be a great by-product; I am more toned, firm and without dieting have decreased body fat despite having gained weight (turns out muscle is a lot heavier than fat).

He has a really great outlook on life and it’s when you’re looking to challenge yourself and reach your goals that you realise just how important mentality is. Whatever your mental barriers are, James will help you overcome them. His sense of humour is also pretty valuable in sessions, making even the most gruelling of exercises seem like a breeze.

Aside from sessions, James is always on hand to give extra help via email or a quick chat at the gym. Anything you need guidance on or want to pick his brains about he will take the time to address with a (sometimes lengthy!) email. He is always willing to help and I have found him to do so with genuine interest.

One of the things I think makes it most worthwhile is that with James you are not just paying someone to tell you stuff they’ve been taught by someone else or from a textbook. Everyone’s anatomy is different and so different things work for different people, and James’ profound knowledge surrounding this means you get very personalised guidance in terms of what exercises suit you and how to perform them. Whilst being fantastic at using anatomical terms and citing research articles, he is also excellent at explaining these things so that it makes sense to you also.

He is truly invested in understanding deeply how things work and if you encounter a problem that intrigues him he will go away and get you a cracking answer that will project you towards your goals unhindered.

Training can be expensive but James’ enthusiasm, unwavering support, and vast, vast wealth of knowledge are worth every penny.

- Isabel Sloan

“James is a fantastic PT – he really took the time to listen and understand what I wanted to achieve. He has provided guidance throughout, advising on nutrition as well as the right kind of exercise to achieve my goals. Perhaps most importantly, James has provided continual support and has always been there for me during my weak moments. James is positive and encouraging and never, ever judgemental – even the time I turned up to a session with a terrible hangover. I have really enjoyed the variety of our sessions, he’s always switching it up so that I am always challenged and never bored! I have seen such positive results – I am more toned all over, my stomach fat has decreased and I am fitter than ever. James really helped me to see that what it says on the scales doesn’t matter, it’s all about how you feel on the inside – and that this has the biggest impact on how you look! I am fit, focused and in control – thank you James for showing me the way!”

- Alexandra Salisbury

“I find James to be an incredibly knowledgable, dedicated and professional Personal Trainer. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone.”

- Cadence Linthwaite